58mm Mini Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Paper thuckness: 60 - 80μm
Paper width: 58mm
Weight: 340g portable mini printer with rechargeable battery
Paper sensor: LED indicator flashes when come to paper end
Printing command: ESC/POS compatible with commands set
Power: 1500mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
Printing speed: 50 - 80mm/sec
Resolution: 230dpi (8 dot/mm)
Interface type: Original IR (RAW_IR), VIR, IrDA (IrCOMM) RS232 port, Bluetooth
Support android, RPP200 and RPP300 support both IOS and Android
Support any languages
Easy paper loading
Good quality with competitive cheap price




Physical Dimension: 330W x 360L x 82H(mm)
Packing Dimension: 455W x 375L x 145H(mm)
Cash Tray Dimension: 287W x 292L x 59H(mm)
Bill Tray Dimension: 167W x 280L x 52H(mm)
Coin Tray Dimension: 113W x 270L x 45H(mm)
Net Weight: 3.5KG
Gross Weight: 4.5KG




Thermal Line Printing

Print diameter: 83mm
Paper width: 79.5±0.5
Weight: 1.6KG
Dimension: 195x155x148mm
Printing command: Compatible with ESC/POS
Power: DC 24V/2.5A
Printing speed: 300mm/sec
Reliability: 100km
Interface type: Parallel/Serial/USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth