Easy Installation & Setup
Genius is made to be incredibly user friendly. It provides an easy to use interface for operations. With only a few steps you will be done and ready to go. No fuss!

Genius is the most cost-effective POS solution available in the market. That is both in short term and long run. Enjoy all of the amazing functions described at only the price of a cash register, with no additional monthly charges.

Get Only What You Need
We won’t stuff your package with things you already have or don’t need. What you will receive is all you need to be up and running immediately. Less hardware means fewer problems. All you will need are printers, cash drawers, and a wireless router. And iPads of course.

Simple But Powerful
Genius carries only important features. The features are designed to solve all of your point-of-sale problems while they are easy to use. We are sure that you will love the clean and elegant look and feel of our interface design. It is the perfect way to show your professionalism to those with an eye for beauty! It is simply Genius, but friendly.

Setting Features

How you would like your orders taken is now customizable and highly flexible. Lying on your palm at your disposal, just tap to place order and tap another time to note down special requests. Your kitchen instantly gets an order alert and chefs proceeds to prepare while your linked printer captures the record. You can set payment types incorporating tax, discount features, or even choose to collate orders or rounding off receipts. It’s all so convenient and adapted to new government policies and GST ready! We know you have no time for nonsense hence we keep it so simple and sweet that once you get your hands on it you will not want to ever let go!

Configure up to 10 printers.
Setup rounding type, operation hours.
Manage multiple level users account.
Customize up to 5 taxes and 10 payment types.
Pay In / Pay Out.
Import items using CSV File.
Setup items / modifier is as easy as ABC.
Logo on receipt.
Multiple terminal / ordering setup.



To ensure stock balance is constantly kept in check and your working capital is always efficient, Genius lets you have your inventory data on the cloud keep track of your stock levels in real time. It helps you move dead stock and recognize your best sellers, trace your product cost, price, margin, and stock value. You can even get warnings on stock levels for your items so you’ll never have to lose a sale just because you ran out of a particular item. You are in control of your inventory anytime, anywhere.


Backup Feature

To save you from tedious work and to safeguard you from the frustration of data loss, we have all your data insured and backup process summerized into few simple clicks. You can now select any from a variety of platforms to run your backup, such as iTune, iCloud, Dropbox, or manually to email, and retrieve them to your heart’s desire. Genius POS backup system covers:

Backup data
Backup settings
Backup sales records
Backup table layouts (restaurant arrangements)
Backup product items