365tracker’ Time Attendance System comes with fully loaded features, allowing users to automate company’s timekeeping, attendance tracking, data collection and access control in a centralized database.

365tracker able to provide the service of centralize multi-models and multi-terminals up to many devices over IP network, to cope with your company’s growth over time.

One-Stop Solution – we provide all-in-one software, one-for-all hardware


Corporate Clients

  • Venture Electronics Services (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Kampachi Restaurant Sdn Bhd
  • Hotel Equatorial
  • Saint-Gobbain Solar
  • Straits International School, Penang
  • Amphenol TCS
  • UMW Oil & Gas Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • Techvance Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Ghazi & Lim Association
  • Follow Me
  • Gallen Sdn Bhd
  • Atlas Edible Ice
  • Interplex Electronics Malaysia
  • Mitsubishi Malaysia
  • Kopistreet (F&B)
  • Chanel Malaysia
  • QL Resources
  • IJM Construction (Penang)
  • Wah Chan Gold & Jewerlly
  • Lone Pine Group
  • 365-Tracker-Client-List


    Features and benefits – Hardware/Device:


    • Large & upgradable capacity on users’ templates
    • Convenient – with only a template, employees are able to visit or work at any branches with one registration.
    • Better Security
      • Combine verification – enable more then 1 verification method at higher security area
      • No duplication on user/s template
    • Durability with its Robust Casing Material
    • USB Drive Available- enable template/transaction log transfer using USB while communication failure
    • LED indicator light
    • Voice greeting – availability on various languages
    • Easy Installation


    365tracker’ Time Attendance System

    • Fast & Effective Data Management
      1. Grouping for user & reader
      2. Collects all clocking data (transaction log) automatically
      3. Auto remove/ deactivate resigned employee
    • Flexibility – report & system can be customization to suit you 100%
    • High Speed – uploading & verification on users’ templates
    • Live Tracking – monitor employee’ movements constantly
    • Cloud Technology – an online server & centralize system

    Cloud Technology – Webie

    • Easy Terminal Setup
    • Reduced Maintenance
    • Various Clocking Schedules
    • Report Generation
    • Third Party Integration
    • Efficient Branch Management
    • Various Platforms
    • Various Export Formats
    • Access Data Anywhere
    • Secure Data Storage

    All you need is connection to the internet.


    365tracker’s Door Access System

    • Centralization :
      • ‘Emergency Access Control’ – remotely open door/s by system
      • Central Door Control
    • Live Tracking & Data – live employee’ data listing can be view for every access
    • Striking Light – easier for security view on CCTV on employee’ affectation on accessing area/s
    • User Privileges
      • Access authorization setting
      • Time Zone setting

    365Tracker Screenshot - Maintenance and Option Features 365Tracker Screenshot - Employee Management 365Tracker Screenshot - Employee Management Features Display

    365Tracker Screenshot - Shift Timetable Maintenance 365Tracker Screenshot - Attendance Logs Monitoring 365Tracker Screenshot - Employee Time Card


    365 Tracker Brochures

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