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Alpha Reflex & Beauty System

Alphalab Technology Alpha Reflex Pos
Simplicity is the Efficiency. A simple layout design can greatly cut down the learning process of user, and also reduce the chances of getting wrong.

Touch Screen, selection of standalone or network, floor map. We have brought every good features from our previous products into Alpha Reflex.


Alphalab Technology Alpha Reflex Order

alphalab-technology-alphareflexReflexology has different commission calculation than others. Instead of based on item sales, their commissions are based on service, or person. Alpha Reflex is specially designed for this purpose.

1 single click, boss can get the commissions calculated for every massager.

Yes, we have brought over the popular payroll module into Alpha Reflex as well. Combining login features with attendance, Alpha Reflex handle all the staff leave, late in, early out, overtime and part time.

Month End can never be this easy before for boss.

Same as our Alpha F&B, we have build the map designer into Alpha Reflex, so that you can customize your floor plan layout anytime.