QnE Accounting Software Product List:


QnE Special
(Account only)
(✗Project Code, ✗CurrencyCode, Single company)
+ Training RM300
+ Support RM400
Total RM 1299
QnE Standard
(Account only)
(Single co.)
+ Training RM500
+ Support RM600
Total RM 2299
QnE Special+
(✗Project Code, ✗CurrencyCode, Single company)
+ Training RM300
+ Support RM500
Total RM 1799
QnE Professional
(Single co.)
+ Training RM600
+ Support RM800
Total RM 2899
QnE Basic
(✗Project Code, ✗CurrencyCode, ✗StockLocation, Single co.)
+ Training RM600
+ Support RM800
Total RM 2799
QnE Enterprise
(Single co.)
+ Training RM900
+ Support RM1100
Total RM 4199

**Prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of 6% GST

**Price for Ipoh area only. (Charges may apply for Outstation.)
**Installation & delivery RM150.00. (Ipoh area, outstation charges different rate.)
**Effective from 01 August 2016.
**Price subject to change without prior notice.


QnE Business Solution - Inventory Version QnE Business Solution - Standard Version QnE Business Solution - Professional Version QnE Business Solution - Enterprise Version QnE Business Solution - Premier Version QnE Business Solution - Payroll

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QnE POS Basic version (POS + Basic Stock)
Software: RM2800 (Normal: RM2999)


Additional modules:
a. DIY Field
b. Batch Number (Expire Date Control)
c. Foreign Currency
d. Stock Item Matrix (Color & Size)
e. Sales Deposit
f. Finance Charges (Late Payment)
g. Stock Warranty
h. Synchronise System
i. Point Management
j. Stock in Transit


Product Features

Products Features Overview
QnE business solutions are designed for business running in networking environment (eg: LAN or WAN) with special attention to MALAYSIAN market. QnE has the most advanced search engine and report writer for users to generate unlimited customized reports.

QnE Features