QnE Optimum Online Training:

  1. GST in General Ledger – QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)
  2. Tax Code in Stock Item and How to issue Tax invoice in QNE GST Accounting Software Malaysia

*3. GST – Free Gift / Deemed Supply in QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

  1. GST – Export Tax invoices to Head Office / Accounting Firm using QNE GST Software Malaysia
  2. GST – Deposit / Advance Payment in QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)
  3. How To Submit GST 03 Return, GAF and GST E-Payment with GST Software Advisor

*7. GST – Margin Scheme for Used Car Dealer (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

*8. GST Group Registration in QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

  1. GST – Self Billed Invoice in QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)
  2. GST- Bad Debt Recovery in QNE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

*11. GST – Partial Exemption, Mix Supply (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

  1. GST – 21 Days Rules, QNE GST Accounting Software Malaysia allow you to declare tax in DO level
  2. GST on Imported Goods in QNE Optimum
  3. GST on Imported Services in QNE Optimum
  4. Installation of QNE Optimum in Network Environment
  5. Tax Adjustment allow you to account and adjust for GST Output or Input Tax automatically
  6. GST Bad Debts Relief
  7. GST Accounts Setup Wizard
  8. Import data from UBS 9 and 9.4 to QNE Optimum
  9. One click to migrate data from QNE Firebird to QNE OPTIMUM
  10. Migrate data from other system to QNE OPTIMUM via Excel Template
  11. How to customize Tax Invoice format in QNE Optimum
  12. Tax Code Mapping Wizard in QNE Optimum GST Software
  13. Customize Inquiry Screen and Report in QNE Optimum
  14. GST on Bank Charges

*26. User Defined Field and Validation Rules in QNE Optimum

  1. User Access Rights and User Roles in QNE Optimum

**28. Credit Limits and Overdue Control in QNE Optimum

  1. Export and Import Chart of Accounts in QNE Optimum
  2. Submit GST 03 Return and Payment for GST Payable in QNE Optimum
  3. Create Exception for QNE Software in Antivirus
  4. Import Data e.g. Tax Invoices to QNE Optimum from Excel Template

**33. Create Validation Rules to Validate the field during transactions daving in QNE Optimum

  1. Tax Date and Posting Date in QNE Optimum
  2. Lampiran 2 from QNE Optimum
  3. Amendment and Unlock GST Return
  4. Cannot Claim Bad Debts Relief if your customers are not GST Registered
  5. To avoid more queries from Kastam, Perfect your GAF files, Input more details in Payment Voucher


Additional Module and Setting in QNE Optimum:

  1. Negative Stock Control Checking

*2. Price Group Setting in QNE Optimum

*3. User Default Settings Module

  1. Auto Update Unit Cost and Selling Price in Stock Ledger

*5. Landing Cost Module in QNE Optimum

  1. To check the documents was printed how many times

*7. How to cancel the qty after issue Sales Order or Delviery Order

  1. Handle Multi Payment in Cash Sales and Receive Payment
  2. KIV your transactions or Save in Draft
  3. Copy From and Copy To Features in QNE Optimum
  4. Sharp Cash Register Machine Integration with QNE Optimum.



*additional module chargable.

**some features may not apply to every Packages, pls refer to “Product comparision Chart”.